wouldn't you like to know (creamyyfilling) wrote,
wouldn't you like to know

they're so soft and horizontal

I've been finding myself writing more and more quick fills on the actual meme, and I got sick of seeing all my lame typos, so I finally created an account. This way I can edit any typos I find, and it'll be easier to keep an eye out for any possible comments or questions I get. As of now, I'm still planning on posting the fills in sections on the meme, because I like being able to just write in blocks like that and come back a little later and continuing, and just posting the links in the above post when I'm done, but if I ever write a long prompt, that is too hardcore or just not something I think my usual readers at ff.net would be into, I might actually post it in an entry here. But for now, it's just an easy way for anyone interested to find all my quick fills.
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