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glee kink meme fills

Here's a complete list of every glee kink meme prompt I've ever filled (60 and counting), wheather posted on the meme, under anon, on fanfiction.net, or archieveofourown. I tried to organize them as best as I could and will try to keep this updated. New fics will be added at the bottom of each section.


A Work Of Art: Santana gets a job as art at a sex show
[exhabitionism, overstimulation, bondage, rimming, anal, double penetration, pussy eating, bareback, creampie].

Thank The Alcohol: Sam and Santana get drunk and have sex in the bathroom at Rachel's party
[public sex, blowjob, pussy eating, bareback, creampie].

The Puckerman Way: Santana's upset and Puck cheers her up the only way he knows how
[pussy eating].

Drastic Measures: Everytime Santana has a gay thought, she finds the nearest guy to fuck
[gay panic, blowjob, pussy eating, public sex, anal, gangbang, triple penetration, creampie].

Hell Week: Santana is given to Finn, a boy she used to bully in high school, as a sex slave during sorority pledging
[dubcon, humilation, exhibitionism, face fucking, anal virginity, bareback, creampie].

Free Bling: Santana and Finn get caught shop lifting and she makes a deal with the salesmen to get off
[dubcon, blowjob, gangbang, double penetration, bareback, creampie].

Roommates With Benefits: Santana moves in with Puck, Sam and Finn and starts fucking all of them
[blowjob, face fucking, rough sex, anal virginity, gangbang, double penetration, bareback, creampie].

What's Mine: Sam makes sure Santana knows who Brittany belongs to
[dubcon, rough sex, gay bashing, bareback, creampie].

Exception: Santana comes back to Lima to get some of Finn's dick
[blowjob, pussy eating, gay bashing, bareback, creampie].

Detention: Will tries to prove to Santana that she's not gay
[noncon, gay bashing, slut shaming, face fucking, rough sex, bareback, creampie].

Encore: Finn confronts Santana after she tells Rachel they had sex
[dubcon, public sex, slut shaming, rough sex, bareback, creampie].

Private Party: An argument between Finn and Santana leads to hot sex
[dubcon, rough sex, face fucking, anal, bareback, creampie].

No Flex Zone: Puck, Finn and Sam gangbang Santana to convince her she's not gay.
[dubcon, rough sex, gay bashing, face fucking, anal, double penetration, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Too Proud To Beg: Sam buys Santana for a night of fun.
[dubcon, rough sex, slut shaming, orgasm denial, toys, oral, anal, exhitibition, humiliation, creampie].

Party For Three: Finn surprises Santana for her birthday by inviting Puck to join them.
[dubconish, threesome, light bondage, threesome, oral, anal, double penetration, rough sex, slut shaming, bareback, creampie].

Impress Me: For such a dork, Sam is the best fuck Santana's ever had.
[voyeurism, oral, bareback, creampie].

Hot For Teacher: Santana really likes what Mr. Schue is hiding under all those sweater vests.
[blowjob, pussy eating, rough sex, slut shaming, public sex, bareback, creampie].


Public Displays Of Affection: Brittany and Finn can't keep their hands off each other
[public sex, virginity, blowjob, pussy eating, bareback, creampie].

Fill Me Up: Brittany likes being full of cum and Sam calls in some backup when he can't keep up any longer
[public sex, masturbation, handjob, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Hold Me Tight: Brittany (and Santana) invites the guys over for a creampie party
[blowjob, group sex, virginity, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Student and Teacher: Brittany teaches Finn a lesson and gets a lesson from Will
[virginity, blowjob, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Spin The Bottle: Puck and Brittany make a glee club party more interesting
[exhibitionism, blowjob, pussy eating].

Brittany Says Relax: Brittany acts as a stress relief for the glee club guys
[dubcon, public sex, slut shaming, rough sex, anal, blowjob, gangbang, double penetration, bareback, creampie].

Luck Of The Irish: Brittany lets Rory into her pot of gold
[blowjob, pussy eating, anal, bareback, creampie].

Compromises: Rory may not be a leprechaun, but Brittany still lets him in her backdoor
[anal, bareback, creampie].

Sloppy Seconds: Brittany gets off by cheating on Sam
[infedelity, humiliation, bareback, creampie, cumplay].


Trapped In the Closet: Santana touches herself while she watches Brittany and Sam fuck
[voyeurism, masturbation, blowjob, pussy eating, bareback, creampie, cumplay]

Know Your Place: Sam loves dominating Brittany and making sure she knows her value
[rough sex, slut shaming, gay bashing, face fucking, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

The Bucket List: Brittany and Sam have five days to do all the sexy things they wanna do before they die
[public sex, exhibitionism, rough sex, slut shaming, light bondage, double penetration, pegging, face fucking, blowjob, pussy eating, bareback, creampie].

Head Of The Class: Brittany teaches Sam everything she knows about sex.
[fingering, pussy eating, blowjob, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Knocked Up: With the world coming to an end, newlyweds Brittany and Sam are determined to repopulate the earth
[impregnation, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Better Than One: Sam shares his girlfriend with his twin Evan
[blowjob, pussy eating, double penetration, bareback, creampie].

Blonde In Blonde: Sam crahses his big sister's sleepover and sleeps with her friend Brittany
[age difference, virginity, quiet sex, blowjob, bareback, creampie].

What Sisters Are For: Brittany likes to make her little brother Sam feel special
[incest, blowjob, pussy eating, virginity, bareback, creampie].

A Family Affair: When Brittany gets bored at a family affair, she spends time with her favorite cousin Sam
[incest, in public, virginity, blowjob, bareback, creampie].

Welcome Home: Sam comes home from college and gets a nice welcome home from baby sister Brittany
[incest, age difference, pussy eating, blowjob, bareback, creampie].

Killing Time: Brittany and Sam spend some time alone together in the back of the family RV
[incest, blowjob, pussy eating, bareback, creampie].

He Keeps Me Warm: Sam calms Brittany down right before her wedding
[infedility, rough sex, slut shaming, voyuerism, orgasm denial, oral, bareback, creampie, cumplay].


Best Bedfellows: Sam and Blaine share a hotel bed and Sam calms Blaine's nerves about Nationals
[blowjob, rimming, bareback, anal creampie].

One of the Guys: Sam, Puck, Ryder and Jake ask Blaine about gay sex and Blaine is happy to give them answers
[rimming, blowjob, group sex, bareback, anal creampie].

Man In Uniform: Sam has a thing for Blaine's Dalton uniform
[blowjob, light bondage, bareback, anal creampie, cumplay].

Premium Protection: Puck promises to protect new cellmate Sam, but only for a price
[dubcon, prison sex, blowjob, anal virginity, rough sex, size kink, anal creampie].

The Good Kind: When Blaine can't give Sam the rough sex he wants, Puck is more than happy to do it
[rough sex, slut shaming, humilation, breathplay, face fucking, bondage, bareback, anal creampie].

The Fix: Sam is addicted to cum, and the glee guys keep his supply steady
[past noncon, humilation, rough sex, despieration, blowjob, bareback, anal creampie, cumplay].

Bitch: Puck's time in juvie is spent as the prison bitch
[noncon, gangrape, prison sex, anal virginity, bondage, object insertion, humilation, face fucking, anal creampie].

Bet On It: Sam loses a bet to Puck and has to lick his ass
[dubcon, rimming, humiliation].


Talk With You Hips: Santana's bored in history class, and Brittany's hard.
[girlpeen, public sex, quiet sex, blowjob, bareback, creampie].

A Little Less Conversation: Santana finally has the courage to make a move on her crush Brittany in a nightclub
[girlpeen, dubcon, public sex, bareback, creampie].

Proving A Point: Santana's attempt to prove to Quinn that she's not a lesbian fails miserably
[threesome, bareback, creampie, pussy eating, puclic sex, fingering].

I Don't Care (I Love It): Skank!Quinn shows Santana how to care a little less about her image
[public sex, strap on, pussy eating, fingering].

Hard and Soft: Quinn and Santana love making each other feel good
[light bondage, pussy eating, anal fingering, squirting].

Study Break: Santana models some Halloween costumes and convinces Quinn to take a break from studying
[girlpeen, blowjob, face fucking, bareback, creampie].

Comes In Threes: Santana discovers Quinn's secret and shares it with Brittany
[girlpeen, threesome, virginity, blowjob, pussy eating, masturbation, strap on, double penetration, bareback, creampie].


Sharing Is Caring: Santana convinces her boyfriend Sam to include Puck in a threesome
[blowjob, pussy eating, threesome, double penetration, rimming, anal virginity, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

It's Okay If It's In A Threeway: A threesome with Brittany and Blaine awakens new feelings in Sam
[threesome, blowjob, pussy eating, rimming, double penetration, pegging, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Nude Erections: Will starts directing porn starring the glee club to pay for Nationals
[voyeurism, threesome, double penetration, blowjob, pussy eating, anal, bareback, creampie, cumplay].

Irresistible: Brittany and Santana really need Finn's dick
[threesome, bareback, creampie].

Bad Girl: Sean punishes Naya when she's late
[rpf, spanking, exbitionism, humiliation, face fucking].

Good Boys: Burt punishes Kurt
[noncon, beastaility, incest, boypussy, bondage, pussy eating, overstimulation].

Sleeping Beauty: Finn is sick of Quinn being a tease and takes what he thinks is his
[noncon, somnophilia, pussy eating, blowjob, anal, bareback, creampie].
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